19 August 2019The adventure of a twenty-eight-year-old from Reggio in a seabed in Scilla, in Calabria, ended with a happy ending and was tracked several hours later near the coast of Messina. Most likely he fell asleep and the current dragged him to the Sicilian coast. It happened yesterday afternoon.

At sunset, the young man dived into the sea with the inflatable mattress from the beach of a Scilla bathhouse. A friend, not seeing him come back anymore, gave the alarm asking for help from the Harbor Master's Office. Research has been started at sea with four patrol boats of the Port Authorities of Messina and Reggio Calabria. In the meantime, the young man was also searched on the ground and a helicopter was also used for research from above, research made more difficult by poor visibility. Eventually the young man was intercepted at sea about two miles from the coast in front of Scilla while he was still on the mat. Recovered, he was taken back to Scilla (Reggio Calabria) and entrusted to the doctors of 118, and then returned home.