Greenpeace expects from the institute "operational information on the progress of the operation."

“With the approach of autumn, the issue of the pace of whale production is becoming more acute. Obviously, with the current transportation of three or four bathtubs every three weeks, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk will have time to freeze before the “whale prison” is empty, ”said Oganes Targulyan, leading expert at Greenpeace Russia.

Rosrybolovstvo plans to release all killer whales from the "whale prison" in the Primorsky Territory before September 1.

Earlier, a third batch of killer whales from the “Whale Prison” was released into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

The first batch of two killer whales and six beluga whales was released into the natural environment on June 27, and the second, of three killer whales, was released on July 16.

State Duma deputy Oleg Shein, author of the Law on Responsible Animal Handling, in an interview with the FAN, assessed the likelihood of amendments to the law on animal cruelty.