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Notre-Dame de Paris, July 24, 2019. Rafael Yaghobzadeh / Pool via REUTERS

The building site of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has finally resumed this Monday, August 19th. After the fire that ravaged the roof of the cathedral in mid-April, the site was interrupted in July to clean up the site. In fact, the fire melted the hundreds of lead that made up the spire of the monument. It is thus this Monday that the labor inspectorate and the prefect of Paris authorized the resumption of the construction site ... placed under the sign of the security.

They are fifty workers, no more, to be able to work on the site of the cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris.

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To access them, they must go through a single entrance that has a decontamination unit. Pediluvium, showers, disposable outfits, the safety device put in place is drastic.

Turnstiles to enter the site and leave with a badge will also be installed in the coming days.

These new measures must thus guarantee the safety of the personnel working in the building and prevent the dispersion of lead dust off the site.

The resumption of the construction site will allow the workers to continue the consolidation phase of the cathedral.

It will be necessary to finish installing temporary ceilings above the vault, solidify the flying buttresses and dismantle the scaffolding built around the arrow during the fire and which was completely welded by the fire.

Then will come the reconstruction phase of the cathedral ... This step should not begin before the first half of 2020.

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