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Flavie, 21, is glossophobic: "One day, I had to present a show and I ran away"


The sweaty hands, the trembling voice, the beating heart ... Flavie, 21, gets nervous each time she has to speak in public. This anxiety, which she explains to Eve Roger on Europe 1, has a very specific name: Glossophobia.

The sweaty hands, the trembling voice, the beating heart ... Flavie, 21, gets nervous each time she has to speak in public. This anxiety, which she explains to Eve Roger on Europe 1, has a very specific name: glossophobia.


Flavie is 21 years old, and since college, has a blue fear of speaking in public. From the refusal to go to the board when her teachers asked her to, to the anguish at the thought of losing her words during a simple phone call ... The young woman explains that the fear of "not being able to speak" can to paralyze it. Monday at the microphone of Europe 1, she braves her stage to tell Eve Roger how her glossophobia affects her daily life.

"As I'm talking to you, I'm a little anxious, my heart is beating a little fast, I think my fear has manifested itself in college, because before that, when we're little, we do not is not necessarily very shy, it's really at the time of college where you have to go on the blackboard, for example, and it's immediately more difficult, and I have repeatedly refused to go I stayed in my chair, because I could not get up, most often I told my teacher that I could not do the exercise he wanted me to do on the board, rather than to tell him that I could not get up and that I did not want to see all my comrades watching me.

Speaking orally, what worries me is the fact of not being able to speak, the fact that everyone looks at me and I am judged. At the time, I was afraid of making fun of me, especially in college, it is where we face the first mockery, so it was complicated. I think some of my teachers really believed that I did not know how to do the exercise, but others understood that I was very shy and they did not force me to go to the board.

The teachers are not really trained to cope with this anxiety, they do not know how to react when a student is hanging on his chair. I also think that seeing so much resistance from a student can destabilize them, they can take it for insolence. Personally, when I stayed in my chair, I felt safe, because no one looked at me, but I was also a little ashamed, because I had to lie to stay in my place.

"I still have my little notebook on me"

Then I did dance, but I had the same problem: the fear of going on stage and that everyone sees me, while that's the whole point of the dance show. So again, one day I had to perform a show and I did not do it because at the last minute I ran away. I panicked and gave my place to someone else. It was only the presentation, it was nothing at all, but at the time it scared me. I was a little ashamed and then I was especially disappointed not to have forced myself to do it.

I have a double fear of judgment, on my body but also what I had to say, especially since I tend to have the voice that trembles when I anguish, or to stutter and I had precisely afraid to be judged on that.

To overcome these anxieties, as I speak to you, I do tricks on myself, it relaxes me. But in general, every time I have to make a speech or interview, I try to write what I will say in advance, so as not to lose myself. I still have my little notebook on me. Even to call EDF, I have to write what I'm going to ask them. So I do not only anxious to talk in public, but just when I have to talk to someone I do not know. I'm afraid to forget, not to find my words again and therefore to block. "

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