• Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself with a sheet: an autopsy confirms it
  • Epstein, NYT: vigilant guards fell asleep and falsified reports
  • Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in prison raises suspicions: what could he tell?
  • US financier Epstein committed suicide in prison


19 August 2019The first head falls after the suicide in prison of the American financier Jeffrey Epstein. Hugh Hurwitz, head of federal prisons, was removed from office on the orders of Justice Minister William Barr.

Hurwitz held the position since May 2018. No official reason, for the moment, has been released on the decision. Meanwhile, investigations by the FBI and the justice department on the death of the financier continue.

The revelations about Prince Andrew
Meanwhile, the inquiry and the scandalous revelations come to touch the British royal house.
Prince Andrew, "Duke of York, is shocked by the recent news of the alleged offenses of Jeffrey Epstein", "condemns the exploitation of any human being; hint that he could endorse, participate in or support such practices is repulsive".

To make known the position of Queen Elizabeth II's son was Buckingham Palace, after a video was released that would show him in a house of the American financier, convicted of pedophilia in 2008 and then accused of a network of sexual exploitation of minors . Epstein committed suicide in prison in New York on August 10, while he was awaiting trial. The video, published by Mail on Sunday, would show the British greeting a woman who leaves Epstein's residence in New York in 2010. Mail on Monday added that in 1999 Prince would host Epstein at Balmoral, the queen's residence in Scotland as well as in the other royal residence of Sandringham a year later.

Virginia Giuffre, one of the financiers' accusers, testified that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew in London when she was 17, then in New York and on the private island of Epstein in the Caribbean. Buckingham Palace has repeatedly rejected the accusations, calling them "false and baseless". Epstein had, among his friendships and acquaintances, politicians and celebrities from around the world, including the current president Donald Trump and predecessor Bill Clinton.