The military council spokesman in Sudan, Lt. Gen. Shams al-Din al-Kabbashi, announced yesterday that the formation of the sovereign council has been postponed for 48 hours at the request of the forces of freedom and change so that it can reach a consensus among its components on its list of candidates for the council. In the agreement signed between the Council and «forces of freedom and change».

In particular, Kabashi pointed out that the military council and the forces of freedom and change held a lengthy meeting in the Republican Palace in a spirit of responsibility and partnership, during which they discussed the procedures for forming the sovereign council.

The spokesman for the Sudanese Military Council said that the two sides confirmed their commitment to the timing of the formation of the structures of the Transitional Authority announced, according to the matrix attached to the constitutional document.

He added that each party handed over the names of its five candidates to the Sovereign Council and agreed on the personal number (11) for membership of the Council.

He explained that the forces of freedom and change have retreated from the nomination of some of the names, which had submitted to the Council membership and requested to be given 48 hours to hand over the list of final candidates for membership of the sovereign council.

According to the agreement, the sovereign council will oversee a 39-month transition, appoint the prime minister chosen by the forces of freedom and change, and approve cabinet members appointed by the prime minister.

The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change faced widespread criticism following the disclosure of their candidates to the Sovereignty Council, which will govern with military forces during the new transitional period.

According to the Sudan Tribune website, the announcement of the nomination of five of the figures sparked a wave of great rejection of a number of professional entities, which was considered in the selection of some candidates in contravention of previous decisions not to participate the pool of professionals who led the popular movement in the transitional authority.

After painstaking discussions, the alliance chose Aisha Musa, Siddique Tower, Mohammed al-Faki Suleiman, Taha Othman and Hassan Sheikh Idris.

The nomination of lawyer Taha Othman as a representative of the Association of Professionals was widely rejected, considering the move as a violation of the decision not to participate in the meeting before the man apologized for the seat.

The RCD had decided not to participate in the Council of Sovereignty and the Council of Ministers, so that it could exercise a supervisory role in the transitional period.

The state of confusion and fierce media campaigns against social gathering of professionals and forces of change delayed the issuance of Republican decrees appointing members of the Sovereign Council.

Last Saturday, the Sudanese Transitional Military Council and the forces of "Freedom and Change" signed the final documents regulating the transitional period in the capital Khartoum. According to the law enforcement matrix, the Sovereignty Council will be appointed and the Transitional Military Council will be dissolved on August 18, and the members of the Sovereign Council will be sworn in on August 19, the same day as its first meeting. The appendix set August 20 as the date for the official appointment and announcement of the prime minister in the new civilian government.

The names of cabinet members will be announced on January 28, and the appointment will be approved by the Sovereign Council on August 30. Members of the cabinet will take the oath on August 31, and the government will hold its first meeting on August 31.

The country is scheduled to start the month of September with the first meeting between the Council of Sovereignty and Ministers on the first day of the month.

On the other hand, the Director of the Media Department of the Sudan Military Transitional Council, General Al-Taher Abuhaja, said that the forces of freedom and change have consultations on the selection of the members to represent them in the Council of Sovereignty, and demanded a postponement and was approved as they have the right to consult more to choose the personalities representing them.

Abuhaja explained, during media statements, that consultations for the selection of members of representatives of the Council of Sovereignty will end in the next few hours.

Abuhaja added that the difficult stage in the history of Sudan has been overcome, namely the signing of a power-sharing agreement between the ruling military council and the civil opposition in Sudan. It is considered a historic agreement that happened in the history of Sudan only about twice, and that there was no agreement between all the Sudanese forces as it was evening. Last Saturday, and what has been achieved can not face obstacles in the coming period.

He stressed that Egypt's role has been and will continue to be the pivotal and essential role in this agreement, and all the Arab and African countries who participated in this celebration strongly, to represent a turning point in the history of Sudan, and participation is a strong motivation to move the Sudanese forward.