Police car rear door glass is all broken. A thief will shatter the glass of the back door of a police car that was built late at night.

It happened in a small town in North Carolina, southeastern United States.

Elsewhere, a thief broke into the police car driver's glass and ran away.

[Local Residents: Great Thieves. Children now have to live in guns, weapons and dangerous situations. It's scary.]

[Local residents: Who would do this? I don't know what to do with the police goods stolen by the thieves.]

In recent years, a fifth in the area has already been robbed of police cars, and thieves have broken into police car glass and stole rifle, bullets, bulletproof vests, and police officer badges.

[Local police: I instructed police officers to manage their weapons, bulletproof vests and badges that they had kept in the police cars at night.]

Police are investigating the stolen goods being sold in the black market.

[Local Police: You must never let criminals act like police officers. Residents are encouraged to actively share any information regarding police car thieves.]

As thieves boldly rob the police car, local insecurity has escalated, leading the FBI to the criminals.