“China keeps its promise to respect Hong Kong” US Vice President, Armed Forces Suppression August 20, 6:42

US Vice President Pence said that the Chinese government should keep its promise to respect Hong Kong's law regarding the protests going on in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, protests continue over the proposed amendments to the ordinance that allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China. Is out.

US Vice President Pence gave a lecture in Midwest Michigan on the 19th, stating that “China needs to keep the promise of a joint statement with the UK that it respects Hong Kong's laws,” said China Sought to avoid excessive intervention by adhering to a joint statement that acknowledged autonomy.

“If violent things happen in Hong Kong, it will be very difficult for the United States to agree on trade negotiations with China. China will respond humanely and China and the demonstrators will resolve the differences peacefully. Demanded, ”and urged China not to suppress armed forces.

The Chinese government is rebelling against the problem of Hong Kong as China's domestic affairs, but the US is facing a fierce opposition to China in terms of trade and other issues.