The forces of freedom and change in Sudan have decided the names of their candidates for membership of the sovereign council in Sudan, the day after the signing of the historic agreement with the Transitional Military Council.

Informed sources pointed out that the five names are «academy and activist Aisha Mousa, journalist writer Mohammed al-Faki Suleiman, university professor Siddig Tower, lawyer Taha Osman and Dr. Hassan Sheikh Idris, a former leader of the Umma Party».

The sources added that the forces of freedom and change nominated four women in the seat of minorities.

An internal meeting of the forces of change ended with the adoption of the names of candidates representing the five provinces in the north, east, west, center and south. The sources revealed that the military council nominated Dr. Mohammed Salman and Abu al-Qasim Bortam for the post of member (11). It is expected that a meeting will be held between the forces of freedom and change and the military council to agree on the 11th consensual figure.

The Transitional Military Council has chosen five of its seven members to become members of the Sovereign Council, which will replace the junta.

Al-Askari decided that General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan would assume the presidency of the sovereign council. Al-Askari will be represented in the Sovereign Council by Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan «Hamedati», Lt. Gen. Shams Al-Din Kabbashi, Lt. Gen. Yasser Al-Atta and Lt. Gen. Salah Abdul-Khaliq.

This comes after the Sudanese documented the long-awaited historical moments, by signing the political agreement and the constitutional declaration, on Saturday, where the world witnessed the moment of the transformation of Sudan to civilian rule through a transitional phase for three years.

The agreement ended a chapter in Sudan's recent history, after nearly 30 years of ousted President Omar al-Bashir, seven months of mass protests, and four months of negotiations between the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council.

The agreement was signed by Ahmed Rabie, representing the Forces for Freedom and Change, and Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hamidati) of the TCC.

The forces of freedom and change, in the words of its representative, Mohammed Naji al-Asam, said that peace must be comprehensive without exception, praising the role of mediators in reaching an agreement.

The Deaf affirmed adherence to the investigation in the disengagement of the General Command, stressing the importance of equality between the regions of Sudan and the fight against corruption to revive the economy, and called for an end to all forms of discrimination against women, and accused the former regime of sabotaging the country's foreign relations.

The power-sharing deal paves the way for the formation of a transitional government and eventually elections.

In accordance with the agreement, military members of the Sovereignty Council will elect the President of the Council, who will hold office for the first 21 months of the three-year and three-month transition.

The Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change nominated economic expert Abdullah Hamdouk for prime minister, is expected to be appointed on Tuesday to be sworn in on Wednesday.

After the signing of the agreement, which officials and celebrities unanimously considered as the beginning of «New Sudan» after turning the page of the ousted President Omar al-Bashir, who has ruled the country for 30 years.

"I welcome this historic moment for Sudan," said British Minister for Africa Andrew Stephenson. "This agreement fulfills the demands of the Sudanese people who are tireless in demanding change and a better future."

For his part, pledged US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that his country will support the establishment of "a government that safeguards the rights of Sudanese citizens and lead (the country) to free and fair elections."

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Abul-Gheit, yesterday, congratulated the people of Sudan and its leadership and institutions.