He had been missing for nine days in southern Italy. The body of Simon Gautier, a 27-year-old French hiker, was found dead at the bottom of a ravine Sunday (August 18th) in Belvedere di Ciolandre, Italian media reported. An information then confirmed with France 2 by the young man's mother.

A rescuer from the team of alpine rescuers dispatched to the scene Sunday night to continue the search spotted his backpack from afar, with binoculars.

Earlier in the day, rescuers found traces of blood at the edge of a trail. Analyzes later confirmed that it was indeed the French hiker.

"In the middle of nowhere"

Simon Gautier had disappeared since August 9th. After arranging a solitary hike between Policastro Bussentino and Naples, he called the rescue team with his mobile phone, declaring that he fell off a cliff and broke his two legs without being able to give details of his position, "in the middle from nowhere on the coast. "

According to many Italian media, many shepherds and inhabitants of the region had joined the search operations, as well as twenty friends of Simon Gautier, who lived for two years in Rome to write a thesis in history of art.

With AFP