• Government crisis, M5S: "Salvini chooses Berlusconi but he also snubs him"
  • M5s, Di Maio premier? Fake news, we don't want seats
  • Government crisis, Salvini: "On August 20 we will challenge Prime Minister Conte"
  • Mistrust in Conte, Pd-M5s agreement and Salvini defeat postponed


18 August 2019Matteo Salvini brakes on the government crisis triggered by him with a request for no confidence in Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and opens up a renewed agreement with the 5 Stars. "If someone has decided to turn around and get jeopardized then say it out loud. If there is no government, the way is the elections. Otherwise, you can sit down and work. But Renzi and Boschi are the past, not because says Salvini but millions of Italians have said it in all the elections, "said the deputy premier and Interior Minister live on Facebook.

"O government or vote. Never with Renzi and Boschi"
"Or government or vote, never with Renzi or Boschi. If someone wants to give the Italians a future based on the past, on the open ports, on the Jobs Act, on the Fornero, it will have in me an adversary without fear," says Salvini.

"Mattarella has the elements to evaluate the most useful route"
"President Mattarella has all the elements to evaluate which is the most useful path to relaunch this country", affirms the Minister of the Interior. Before closing the live Salvini claims his immigration policy: "They are only in the Roman palaces but together with millions of Italians in the defense of our history, economy and future".

Morani (Pd): Salvini pathetic, when does he resign?
"Salvini is pathetic. But when do you resign?" On Twitter the Pd deputy Alessia Morani returns to ask for the resignation of Matteo Salvini. "He presented the no-confidence motion and now he says 'I don't win'. But he did it all himself," Morani adds in another post on Twitter.