The daughter of Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio at an event in Madrid GTRES

Terelu Campos' daughter submits to the LOC thermometer and confesses that if she had to change someone's way of dressing, it would be Pablo Iglesias's.

José Coronado: "Wanting to look like a woman is the worst for male aesthetics"

Olvido Hormigos: "They offered me 100,000 euros in exchange for sex"

Alejandra Rubio (19) was born famous . After all, he was born in one of the most media and matriarchal clans in Spain: Las Campos. And when he turned 18, his face was de-heel in the magazine Hello! and her fame shot to the rhythm of the flashes of the paparazzi who were chasing her. After a few complicated months, Alejandra seems to have found a comfortable place and, after leaving Fashion Design studios, she opened her Black Sheep channel , on MTMAD, the Mediaset digital platform, the same media group where her grandmother, María Teresa ( 78), and still do his mother, Terelu (53), and his aunt, Carmen Borrego (52). In addition, since last October, the young woman works as public relations at the Oh My Club nightclub , where she shares a trade with Kiko Matamoros , Terelu's former partner in Sálvame . And although he is doing quite well with both occupations (he earns 4,000 euros for his channel), Alejandra wants to resume her higher education and study distance law by the UNED, in order to keep her other commitments. Meanwhile, María Teresa Campos' granddaughter, Terelu's daughter and Carmen Borrego's niece, Alejandra Rubio, are being subjected to the complicated LOC Thermometer questionnaire.


What things leave you freezing? The first thing that leaves me frozen is the mentality of the people, how are people today ... I really like a phrase that is "I hate everyday minds and it overwhelms me to think that everyone has the same thing to offer." That is what leaves me frozen. In what situation do you need a cold shower? Mainly when I have to clarify thoughts and wake up. Who is the coolest person you have ever met? Without a doubt, my friend Álex [Gibaja]. Every time I am with him I feel that he gives me clean air to breathe. He is a super-transparent uncle, kind and good person. He is very loyal to his friends and, every time I am with him, he manages to provide me with that feeling. Anyone known to have left him cold? The truth is that many people known, for their air of arrogance and arrogance, who do not go with me and which are also unnecessary. The compliment with which you have felt more freezing? Without a doubt when someone says "I love how thin you are" and I am left with the face of ... "but what are you telling me?", because I would like to be more chubby and I don't understand people who like such thin people. What garment do you think of anti-lust? I hate that uncles have wide pants. I can't stand it! What has done more damage to men's aesthetics? I think that especially uncles who are metrosexual, who shave everything and have to be as perfect ... I do not like that. And the feminine aesthetic? The Kardashian, but not bad. It is simply that as a result they all dress alike. What politician would change the way they dress? Pablo Iglesias, without a doubt. The worst date he remembers? I have never had appointments, so I have not had a worse or a better one. What makes you not lose temperance? Nothing, because I usually lose it a lot. What things make you raise the temperature? When my mother prepares me soup in full August.Choose: turbo swimsuit for men yes or no? Of course not! It seems like a joke, come on. It is the worst swimsuit that human beings have been able to create. I do not like anything.Partidaria of integral hair removal? For aunts yes, and for uncles no. No kidding. With the grades that are being registered this summer, do you manage to sleep in your pajamas or prefer in underwear or better like Marilyn Monroe? I always sleep with pajamas. I have never been able to sleep naked. And he did nothing to take off my sleeping socks, because he never took them off before. Is it true that women pretend orgasms? I think so. Continue the song: "When the heat comes ...". I have no idea what song it is ... So I can't continue it. For Billy Wilder, the temptation was blonde and he lived upstairs. What is yours? Mine is in a boat, it's brown and lives in my closet. Her name is Nocilla.What music would she put on to warm up? Clearly, the song So , by My Name is Lobo.Of her body, what do you think is what men like most? I think my face, mainly. In which part of a man does he look? The first thing in the eyes, always. His "male guilty pleasure"? I don't know what to tell you ... so I better not tell you anything, hehe. His erotic myth? Anyone who thinks he's better than bread? An uncle who looks handsome to me is actor Rubén Cortada. If it were Michelangelo and he needed to sculpt his own David, who would he choose to shape that naked body? He would obviously choose my Alvarito. What politician would like to take his clothes off? To none. Have you ever felt the erotic of power? Not for now. I don't care if an uncle is powerful. If an uncle doesn't get in my eyes, I don't like it. When does size matter? Hahahaha ... The truth is that this seems to me a bit excessive question. The most indecent proposition you have received? Some I will have received, but I do not remember now, the truth. The best trick to not fall into boredom in sex? I think if you're with the person you want, you never get bored. Is there anything better than an orgasm? Yes, of course. For example, a person who really loves you. Sex in a couple is secondary if you are with the person you really want and love you.

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