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What you do not know about the floating American armies


The Spanish newspaper Confederation published a report on the floating arms depot owned by the United States, and noted that the US Navy ships are equipped with a fully equipped army, which includes aircraft, tanks and a large number of soldiers.

The United States has many aircraft carriers and amphibious landing, the largest in the world, and carrying onboard transport equipment, fighters and heavy means of combat and infantry, making them small armies floating.

The Spanish paper says that although this type of ship is used by other naval forces, it is not larger or more powerful than its American counterpart.

The American amphibious landing craft LHD, one of the most feared warships, its military capability and all the equipment on board allow it to fight an entire battle independently without any intervention.

At first glance, it seems to be an aircraft carrier, but it is not. One of these can be stationed near any coast and pose a major threat to any enemy, as it is capable of accommodating a fleet of aircraft and tanks along with a large number of soldiers.

In the Gulf now
One of these ships, USS Boxer, is now based in the Persian Gulf and is part of a game of intense tension between America and Iran.

Among the secrets hidden by these ships are their characteristics, what they carry on board and their true power. With a tonnage of more than 40,000 tons and an estimated length of about 257 meters, these vessels are the largest after the major nuclear aircraft carriers - the largest vessels operated by the US Navy - and have the main characteristics of having a helicopter and aircraft deck and a dry dock inside for operations. Amphibious landing.

These ships have the highest levels of command in terms of the concept of "landing forces", the report says. It was designed to be able to carry out military interventions on the coast and provide support to it by its own means without the need for any other party.

The USS Boxer in the Gulf of Aden (European)

Aircraft carrier and amphibious ship
In theory, an amphibious ship consists of three very different parts, at the top of which there is a wide flight deck, and an island with large dimensions, characteristics that make it similar to aircraft carriers, causing confusion between the two types.

The report explains that the island's overhead dimensions are larger than the aircraft carriers, since its primary function is to house the ship's control bridge and air operations control facilities, ie simply the ship's control tower.

The function of aircraft carriers is to ensure air superiority and control of the airspace of the area in which they operate.It is capable of launching fighter jets that eliminate enemy threats, bombers supporting its forces, or destroying enemy facilities in depth, but does not deploy any troops.

The interior of the landing craft is designed with large multi-purpose spaces distributed in the form of an aircraft hangar and a light cargo garage located just below the surface of the aircraft. Below these sheds there is a garage for heavy loads. The most prominent feature of these vessels is the submerged pier.

The ship is characterized by the crew's internal facilities, including a large hospital, due to the fact that the amphibious forces are fully involved in combat when deployed.

Miniature army
The LHD can carry a unit called the Marine Corps, a compact unit containing all the elements needed to operate independently, and deploy its forces very quickly. The infantry unit has about 2,000 Marines under the command of a colonel and is formed by a reinforced infantry battalion, an aircraft team, a logistics group and a headquarters of about 100 soldiers.

Fight the war anywhere
In the event of a conflict, the military capacity of only one of these ships, sailing with a fleet, is very large. These ships can spread very quickly and control much of the coast.

When an LHD landing ship loaded with the Marines joins a naval group with an aircraft carrier that doubles its strength. This is precisely what is happening in the Arabian Gulf, where the USS Boxer amphibious assault ship works with its escort fleet and support ships, while the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier group operates as part of the US Fifth Fleet.

One of the peculiarities of landing ships is their ability to maintain ongoing air operations, which was tested in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Source: aljazeera

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