With a lot of clouds again and some showers here and there it will be a gray, rainy end of this week. It will be a maximum of 22 degrees.

There was a lot of rain during the night from Friday to Saturday. This morning it is dry in large parts of the country, but it is cloudy. Precipitation should only be taken into account in the north of the country.

During the afternoon it can clear up a bit and part of the clouds disappears. Only in the southeast is there a chance of a single shower.

Towards Sunday, however, it starts raining again and cumulus clouds float from the south into the country. On Sundays, even 20 millimeters of rain can fall locally.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Sunday 21 ° 14 ° SW 4
Monday 20 ° 13 ° SW 4
Tuesday 20 ° 12 ° W 3
Wednesday 20 ° 10 ° NW 2
Thursday 21 ° 11 ° WSW 2