During the night from Friday to Saturday, the police chased a car with a French license plate, which had ignored a police stop sign in Gronsveld (Limburg). That led to a wild pursuit deep into Wallonia.

Three passengers were arrested and agents found drugs in the car. The license plate turned out not to belong to the car, the police announced on Saturday.

The police gave the driver a stop sign in Gronsveld because one of the headlights was broken. But the motorist gave gas and fled over the A2 to Belgium. During his flight, the driver tried to ram the pursuing patrol car several times, but it could always evade in time.

In Wallonia, the chasing Dutch agents received help from Belgian colleagues. In the end, the Belgian police drove the car in Namur and threw the occupants in chains.

The three suspects are in a Belgian police cell, but will be tried in the Netherlands.


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