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In Poland, "Gay Pride" regularly arouses tensions with ultra-conservatives, as here in Plock on August 10, 2019. Wojtek RADWANSKI / AFP

In Poland, for more than a month, members of the LGBT community have been the subject of multiple verbal attacks. Coming from the ultra-conservative party in power and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, denouncing an LGBT ideology that would be in progress in Poland. Nationalist groups come to disrupt the "Gay Pride", the marches of equality that are held in the country. This was again the case in the city of Radomsko, this Saturday, August 17, in central Poland.

With our special correspondent in Radomsko, Thomas Giraudeau

They are several dozens to follow the procession from the sidewalks. Closely watched and separated from the march by an impressive police force, these opponents, mostly young men, insult the participants in the March of Equality. Some even call them to " stop pedaling ".

Eggs flew in the direction of the procession, while the police forces arrested some opponents. We also heard many whistles and boos as the procession passed. All these opponents denounce an " LGBT ideology " that would threaten Polish values.

So it's a tense gathering held in Radomsko. A city of 50,000 inhabitants, the smallest in Poland to see a "Gay Pride" in its streets. About 200 people participated in this premiere. It is less than hoped by the organizer.

But he explains that in Radomsko, an average city, LGBT people are afraid to show themselves. A high school girl we met on the spot tells us that her friends have preferred not to come on the march. Thus, many participants did not come from Radomsko, but from big cities around.