Iranian tanker US court seized warrant August 17th 11:53

An Iranian tanker released by the British Autonomous Republic of Gibraltar announced that the court issued a seizure warrant for the American government being involved in the illegal transport of goods by terrorist organizations. There seems to be an aim to show that the United States does not relax the pressure on Iran.

The British Gibraltar Autonomous Government released last month about the Iranian tanker that was captured, on the 15th, as Iran confirmed that it would not go to the EU-European Union sanctioned country.

About this tanker, the US Department of Justice announced on the 16th that the federal district court in the capital Washington issued a seizure warrant.

In warrants and related complaints, tankers were involved in the illegal transport of goods and money laundering to Syria by the Iranian revolutionary defense team designated by the United States as a terrorist organization.

On top of that, they allow for the foreclosure of tankers and cargoes, and about $ 1 million (over 100 million yen) of US assets of affiliates.

On the other hand, according to AP communication, there is no request from the United States based on a warrant on the Gibraltar side.

After the release, the tanker remains offshore in Gibraltar, and it is unclear whether concrete measures will be taken for foreclosure in the future.

The United States has asked the Gibraltar side not to release the tanker, and it seems that there is a purpose to show a stance not to ease the pressure on Iran by taking the original action after receiving the release.