Berlin (dpa) - According to experts, the green electricity surcharge should allow electricity prices to rise slightly in the coming year. The think tank Agora calculates with a value between 6.5 and 6.7 cent per kilowatt hour - in this year the so-called EEG surcharge is 6.41 cent.

Consumers therefore have to reckon with higher electricity prices because purchase prices are also on the electricity exchange. What exactly this means for the electricity bill is hard to say - it depends on whether and how the electricity providers pass on inflation. Agora expects one cent more per kilowatt hour. For a four-person household consuming about 4,000 kilowatt-hours a year, that would be 40 euros more.

To date, all electricity customers have had to pay the green electricity surcharge, which is used to finance green electricity subsidies for operators of solar, wind, hydropower or biogas plants. There are discounts for certain companies. The electricity price is also composed of network charges, electricity tax and other levies and levies.

It could soon be a major reform - at least that is in the context of climate policy in conversation. Above all in the Union, there is a demand to abolish the EEG levy and to reduce the electricity tax if a CO2 price in the areas of transport and heat makes fuel, heating oil and natural gas more expensive.

EEG calculator from Agora Energiewende