A series of shooting incidents A meeting to seek gun control in 100 places nationwide August 18th 5:26

In the United States, after a series of gun shooting incidents, rallies were held in approximately 100 locations across the United States, and participants appealed to enact legislation to tighten gun control as soon as possible.

In the United States this month, a series of gun shootings in southern Texas, Midwest Ohio, and other places have been held this weekend at approximately 100 locations across the United States.

Of these, about 100 citizens participated in the rally held on the 17th in the capital, Washington, and all said, “The damage from the guns is enough,” followed by the White House and around the Washington Monument. And appealed for the need for gun control.

Regarding the gun regulation, a bill was passed in February, where the opposition party and the Democratic Party had a dominant parliamentary house, requiring identification when purchasing guns. Rather, the attendees walked out handing out flyers calling for the bill to be finalized as soon as possible.

The Democratic Party is increasingly criticizing President Trump's reluctance to control guns, and the issue of gun control can be a major issue in the presidential election next fall. It is attracting attention whether to launch.

Participant "100 people are killed every day"

A woman who participated in the rally said, “I think it ’s thrilling to think about the victims of the Texas and Ohio shootings, but in the United States, 100 people are killed every day. I participated to appeal. "

Another woman, whose relatives lost their lives in gun crimes, said, “Gun control is a problem that affects everyone, not just victims of gun crimes, and must be voiced together.” I was talking.