US sells new F16 fighter to Taiwan or August 17th 5:45

A number of American media reported that the Trump administration is in the process of selling more than 60 new F16 fighters, worth about 850 billion yen in Japanese yen, to Taiwan.
It seems that there is an aim to control China that is confronted by trade issues, and it is inevitable that China will rebound strongly.

Several media such as Washington Post, a leading American newspaper, sold 66 new F16 fighters to Taiwan, totaling 8 billion dollars, equivalent to about 850 billion yen in Japanese yen, on the 16th I told you to inform informally to Congress.

The sale was made in response to the request of Taiwan ’s President Hidehide, who is promoting the modernization of equipment in order to counter China, which intensifies the pressure on Taiwan. It will be the largest in several years.

Last month, the Trump administration decided to sell more than 230 billion weapons in Japan, including over 100 tanks and surface-to-air missiles against Taiwan.

The Trump administration seems to have an aim to squeeze China as the trade friction between the United States and China increases, but it is inevitable that China will rebound strongly.

President Kaji “Improves and Strengthens Air Defense”

In Taipei, the flight simulator of the new F16 fighter "F16V" was unveiled at an exhibition on the defense industry on the 15th. We visited the venue from the president, and experienced piloting using a simulator.

President Roh said, “While improving and strengthening Taiwan's air defense capabilities, I would like to further strengthen F16 fighters and strengthen their defense capabilities,” and showed expectations for the sale.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China “Interference with Chinese Internal Affairs”

Prior to this, a spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China released a comment on the 16th, saying, The US urged them to stop selling arms to Taiwan and stop military cooperation with Taiwan.

Background to Taiwan seeking sale to the US

The United States has continued to sell fighter aircraft and missiles since refusing diplomatic relations with Taiwan 40 years ago and has maintained its military balance with China. As for F16 fighters, Taiwan currently has 144 aircraft, but the last one was sold in 1992, and aging has been pointed out.

Taiwan has since requested the US government to sell fighters, but it has not been approved.

However, the president, who was appointed three years ago, has recently been urging the US government to sell in order to deal with Chinese military aircraft that have been active around Taiwan.

Since then, I have submitted to the US a request for the sale of 66 new F16 fighters, the F16V.

According to the manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the new model has improved radar capabilities compared to the old model, and can capture multiple targets at the same time.

In addition, the piloting method is almost the same as the old model, and it takes less time for pilot training compared to the introduction of another model, and one of the advantages is that it can expect immediate combat power.