Russian President Vladimir Putin has been awarded the title of "Hero of Russia" to the pilots of the Airbus A 321 of the airline "Ural", after they made a successful emergency landing at the airport "Zhukovsky" on the outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow, after the collision of its engines on takeoff Birds, rescued 226 passengers and 7 crew aboard.

The Airbus A 321 passenger plane took off early Thursday on its domestic flight from Zhukovsky airport in Moscow to Simferopol airport in the Crimea, where it made an emergency landing in a farm field near a village on the outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow, a few kilometers from the airport takeoff. After two engines crashed due to a collision with a flock of seagulls during takeoff.

The Russian pilot, named conscience Yusupov, aged 41, stole the media spotlight throughout yesterday, and still, because he saved the passengers of the plane and crew, landing in the corn field after the failure of its engines, and if he did not make the right decision to carry out the landing, the plane would have crashed and spent those who were on Board.

The plane crashed a minute after takeoff with a swarm of seagulls, causing disruption of its engines and prevent it from rising as required, so the pilot decided to land in the field after extinguishing the engines and folding wheels, in a move risky decisive, especially as the plane, did not kill the air more than One minute since it took off, its tank had 16,000 liters of fuel.It landed safely.Only 23 of its passengers suffered bruises and mostly minor injuries.Then, its commander, along with his second co-pilot, Georgi Morzin, organized the evacuation of those who were in it, before the emergency men arrived.