- It's a powerful fire. The smoke is visible in the long run, says Johan Winsnes at the Stockholm Rescue Center.

The rescue service is in place with about ten units, according to Winsnes. It is unclear if there is any on board the boats.

The rescue service has found that there is a boat about 15 meters burning, and there are gas cylinders on board.

- This means that we work a little carefully and keep a little more distance, says Stefan Malmberg at the rescue center.

The fire alarm came in at 05.22.

Police in place

The police have also been on site and assisted the rescue service. A preliminary investigation into general careless negligence has been initiated.

"We have no information about anyone injured at this time and no suspects either," says Fredrik Andersson, officer in charge at the Stockholm Police.

Illegally moored

The fire rages in one of several larger boats that are illegally moored by an old oil pier at a popular walking route.

Several boats had to be towed away to escape the flames. Photo: Blue light

According to police, some of the other boats at the oil pier have been towed away by the sea rescue to prevent the fire from spreading.

The fire under control

At 6.50 am, the Stockholm Fire Department announced that the fire was under control.

- We have started to step down the effort and are working on extinguishing, says Magnus Skyttberg's lead operator at Storstockholm's fire defense to SVT.

According to the Stockholm Fire Department, there is no information on personal injuries in connection with the fire.