A rejected refugee waiting for deportation escaped from the detention center at Rotterdam The Hague Airport on 24 July by hanging under a truck. This appears on Friday from the monthly overview of 'incidents' at the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI).

Nobody in the institution initially noticed the missing man. The escape only appeared in the evening when it was counted whether everyone was present and the man turned out not to be in his cell.

The Marechaussee then started a search for the man. It was not until a day later that viewing camera images made it clear that the man could escape by hanging under a truck parked on the property. By that time, however, the man's whereabouts could no longer be traced.

It is still unclear how the man could escape from the institution at all. The DJI writes in the report that this is being investigated.

As far as we know, the man has still not been found. His age and country of origin were not disclosed.