The Bundestag intends to find out whether the German government has data on the "material and media support" of German deputies by Russia. This is stated in the request of the party "Union 90 / Greens", sent to the Federal Government of Germany.

The document, the text of which was reviewed by RT, is dedicated to the activities of the authorities in combating the so-called influence of foreign states on the democratic decision-making processes in the country. So, the greens want to know what attempts have been made by foreign states to influence the elections and election campaigns in Germany since September 2013.

In addition, they are wondering if the Federal Government of Germany has any data “on attempts to recruit” the Bundestag deputies from foreign intelligence services, and how many “cases the FRG government has known over the past five years.”

At the same time, the authors of the request are especially interested in the allegedly possible “interference” of Moscow in the German internal political processes.

“What kind of own experimental data does the German government have about“ material and media support ”of the Bundestag deputies by Russia, and how does it classify such possible support from a legal point of view?” The document says.

Soyuz 90 / Greens is also interested in cases when German deputies applied for support to the diplomatic institutions of Germany for trips to Russia.

“How often deputies of the Bundestag for the 19th term of the convocation appealed for support to the diplomatic institutes of the FRG for trips to Russia or did they have preliminary consultations (please break them down into fractions)?” The document says.

It is worth noting that in their request, the Greens refer to German media publications, according to which, before the parliamentary elections in Germany in 2017, Russia supposedly could support Markus Fronmayer, a member of the Alternative for Germany party. Moreover, the deputy himself denied such allegations.

Germany previously accused Russia of interfering in the 2017 vote, but later German counterintelligence acknowledged the lack of evidence of Russian “interference”.

“Concerns about Russia's interference in the German election campaign did not materialize,” the report of the federal agency for the defense of the Constitution says.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that Moscow has never interfered in the internal affairs of other states.

“I want to state very clearly: we have not intervened and are not going to interfere in the internal affairs of either the EU countries or other states of the world. This is our key difference from the United States and a number of its allies, which, for example, supported the coup in Ukraine in February 2014, ”Putin said.

Such statements against Russia indicate not only the anti-Russian campaign conducted by some German deputies, but also the desire of the Soyuz 90 / Greens party to find incriminating evidence against their political rivals, said political analyst Alexander Asafov.

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“This is all happening as part of the anti-Russian campaign, and it is also an instrument of internal political struggle. Obviously, representatives of the Green Party thus want to collect incriminating evidence and information about their political rivals. It is obvious that to those who visited Russia and entered into some kind of relationship with representatives of the Russian government and business, an understandable content claim will be addressed to them in an insulting form. The greens want to present everything as if Russia actually bought some of the Bundestag deputies. Obviously, a campaign to stigmatize Russia is convenient, but there will be no green actions for Russia due to such actions by friendly German politicians or any consequences for international politics, ”the expert said in an interview with RT.

“Interfere with the dialogue between Russia and Germany”

Soyuz 90 / Greens has repeatedly called for strengthening anti-Russian sanctions and against the construction of Nord Stream 2.

According to the Green MP, Manuel Sarrazin, the implementation of this project allegedly violates the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and the proceeds from it will go to “finance Putin’s policy”.

In February of this year, the party requested discussions in the Bundestag on Nord Stream 2. So, the head of the green faction in parliament, Catherine Goering-Ekkardt, said that the German government "torpedoed the achievement of European goals in the field of energy and climate protection and renounced European solidarity, advocating great dependence on Russian gas."

With the help of such statements and initiatives, the Soyuz 90 / Greens party is openly trying to interfere with the cooperation of Moscow and Berlin. Such an opinion in an interview with RT was expressed by an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter.

“It is no coincidence that the green ones try to accuse their colleagues of holding such meetings without informing the German intelligence services and diplomatic agencies, and they hold them too often. In reality, these actions are aimed at interfering with the dialogue between Russia and Germany, which to one degree or another continues to exist. This is exactly what the green ones are achieving in this case, ”the expert noted.

Arguments without evidence

It is worth noting that a special place in the request is devoted to the topic of misinformation and a hybrid threat for Germany. So, Soyuz 90 / Greens asks the German Federal Government if there are structures in the government responsible for identifying media controlled by foreign governments, as well as on strategies to prevent targeted misinformation from such media companies.

In the same document, the Green Party’s deputies cite reports of Russia's alleged “interference” in the US election, including attempts to influence the outcome of voting through social networks.

Meanwhile, on April 18, the US Department of Justice published a report by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller about “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections, one of the main conclusions of which was the lack of evidence of Donald Trump’s team ties with Russia.

Accusations of Russia of interfering in the affairs of other countries, the elections, allegedly publishing a huge amount of fake news and waging some kind of information war against Western countries are already general anti-Russian propaganda, Alexander Asafov emphasized.

“The West has traditionally made claims against Russia because of what it does. Therefore, they are trying to find at least some evidence base to justify their claims. It is because of this that the green ones are asking if there are any departments that monitor the Russian intervention, somehow register it. In this process, they are not alone. Unfortunately, the lack of arguments does not prevent the West from imposing sanctions against Russia on unproven occasions, ”he concluded.