Huawei's founder and CEO Rin Zhangfei said Britain would "not say no" about the Chinese company's involvement in the implementation of the 5G mobile network infrastructure.

The UK is considering Huawei's inclusion in the project after the Trump administration in May barred US companies from cooperating with the Chinese company. The administration expressed concern about the security of Huawei equipment and its relations with the Chinese government.

Huawei chief executive Rin Zhangfei told Sky News that Britain had a "very important" decision to make. "I think they won't tell us 'no' as long as they do these rigorous tests and look at them in a serious way. I also think that if they say 'no', it won't be for us."

The UK's National Security Council decided in April to impose a preliminary ban on Huawei from accessing important parts of national networks.

Last month, then-culture minister Jeremy Wright said the UK was still seeking to clarify the implications of US actions against the Chinese company, adding that it would be "wrong to make specific decisions" before doing so.

The White House said Trump and Boris Johnson discussed issues including "trade, 5G and global security" by telephone this month.

The controversy over Huawei's future in the UK as a provider of 5G telecommunications has continued, amid fears it could enable the Chinese government to spy on people in the West, a claim the company has repeatedly denied.

In a sign of easing tensions with the Chinese company, 3 and Sky Mobile recently said they would offer customers a 5G smartphone from Huawei as part of the deployment of their new 5G networks, making them the first mobile operators in the UK.

This comes as the US national security adviser said during a visit to the United Kingdom, that concerns about the participation of Huawei in the British fifth-generation network may wait until Brexit dissolved.

John Bolton said Johnson's government representatives expressed appreciation for the White House's views on Huawei. "In particular, they said they were discussing everything from the very beginning on the Huawei issue, and they are very concerned that there is no compromise between telecommunications security and the development of 5G technology," he said.