- Until now, it has formally been a crime scene. What will happen in the future is that a number of consultants will do an in-depth technical survey for one to two months. We need to see what has happened regarding pipes, electricity and other installations. The body may need to be fixed, says Stångåstaden's CEO, Fredrik Törnqvist.

Today, the property is emptied of household goods and personal belongings and is considered a construction site. The police have also completed their technical investigations.

Extensive damage

It was on June 7 that a major explosion occurred at a property in central Linköping. About 20 people were injured in the explosion and several neighborhoods were injured.

A total of 131 apartments were damaged in the blast. In the other houses, the residents have already been able to return. The house that the police today raises the barriers around was the most damaged.

Unclear about relocation

Today, the company's CEO has no idea what the restoration of the buildings will cost. But Stångåstaden's property insurance covers the damage.

- I can't say today how long it will take for tenants to return to the last 37 apartments. First, these studies must be done.