The sky will be cloudy Thursday, crossed by a few rains from the Southwest to the Massif Central and the north-east quarter of France, while the sun should prevail around the Mediterranean and Corsica.

The weather on Thursday will be variable on the center and the Southwest, sometimes accompanied by some rains, inconveniences that should not know Corsica and the Southeast, a priori assured of a August 15 under the sun, according to the forecasts of Météo-France broadcast Wednesday.

From the south-west to the Massif Central and on the north-east quarter of the country, the morning unfolds under a cloudy sky overcast, with some rains, more continuous on the Vosges. In the afternoon, brief thinnings appear north of the Seine and on the North-East, some showers persist near the borders. Further south and on the Atlantic regions, the sky is variable, sometimes cleared on the coast, often blocked on the Pyrenees.

Up to 34 degrees in Corsica

The sun is predominant revenge on the Southeast and Corsica. The mistral calmed down but the tramontane is reinforced a little with gusts to 70 k / h, as the west wind on the Var coast and on Corsica.

The minimum temperatures range from 13 to 18 degrees from north to south, around 20 degrees near the Mediterranean. The maximum varies between 20 and 25 degrees in the northern half, 23 to 27 degrees in the southwest and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 29 to 34 degrees in the south-east and Corsica.