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The regime of Nicolás Maduro disables Borges, Ledezma and prosecutor Ortega for 15 years


The Nicolás Maduro regime not only closes the doors to the possibility of presidential elections with guarantees, but also politically disables more and more leaders or

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The Nicolás Maduro regime not only closes the doors to the possibility of presidential elections with guarantees, but also politically disables more and more opposition leaders. This time it was the turn of Deputy Julio Borges , former Mayor Antonio Ledezma , rebel prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz and her husband, also legislator Germán Ferrer .

Everyone joins the disabled list that includes Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles.

"It is reported that Luisa Ortega, German Ferrer, Antonio Ledezma and Julio Borges are disabled for the exercise of any public office for 15 years, due to irregularities in the affidavit of heritage," Comptroller Elvis Amoroso , a former member, said on state television of the ruling Socialist Party, and unconditional ally of Maduro.

The comptroller also announced that the Ad Hoc Administrative Boards of Petróleos de Venezuela and its United States subsidiary Citgo - appointed by the National Assembly led by Juan Guaidó - are "null" and also disabled all its members to hold public office.

According to the comptroller, the ambassador of Guaidó in the United States, Carlos Vecchio , and his attorney general, José Ignacio Hermández, are also unable to hold public office .

Amoroso ordered to freeze all the assets of the members of that board and forbade them to leave the country . Everyone lives outside of Venezuela.

"There is a group of people who have been committing usurpation and corruption and have appropriated companies that belong to Venezuelans," the official added. "This new persecution of the dictatorship, based on lies, is a bill pass to all those who are fighting to get out of power. Venezuela does not believe in this infamy . They are corrupt and criminal, we will continue doing everything we have to do for them to leave, "Borges reacted on Twitter.

The prosecutor, meanwhile, described as derisory that a "criminal who calls himself comptroller intends to disable" those who fight for democracy. "That is not valid Love, do not waste your time, worry better about the international investigations that exist against you and your son," he wrote on Twitter.

Amoroso's statements are given as mediators from Norway meet since Wednesday in Caracas with representatives of Maduro and Guaidó in the frozen talks in Barbados, trying to find a solution to the political and economic crisis of the oil country.

Maduro announced that his delegation would not attend last week's meetings, protesting the most recent US sanctions against his Government. However, the "son of Chávez" is evaluating returning to the table , according to his party sources close to the process.

Guaidó, on the other hand, assured that "the stone of tranca" to reach an agreement has put it Maduro and assured that it will participate in any space that "approaches an exit" to the conflict. The opposition demands presidential advance with guarantees , with a new electoral power, international observation, and without Maduro in power, because he believes that his re-election was "fraudulent."

"President Nicolás Maduro paused him, we have not withdrawn from the process of dialogue with the oppositions sponsored by the Kingdom of Norway. Of course there will be contacts (with the Norwegians) and we will surely be able to reestablish that dialogue with a rethought mechanism, of the mechanism we had until a few weeks ago the result was the blockade, "Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza , one of Maduro's representatives in the negotiation, said Thursday.

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