The autopsy performed on the body of Nora Quoirin, a Franco-Irish minor with a disability who disappeared during a family vacation in Malaysia, rules out signs of violence and points to internal bleeding as a cause of death, a police spokesman said Thursday.

"To date there are no elements that point to a kidnapping, no signs of violence or rape ... we don't have any suspects," the police spokesman added in a brief televised appearance.

According to the initial examination, the child, whose disappearance was reported on August 4 and her lifeless body was located on Tuesday, died two or three days before finding the body following a "bowel rupture due to lack of food and stress . "

The young woman arrived in Malaysia with her family on August 3 to spend two weeks on vacation but the next morning she was not in her room at The Dusun Hotel, located next to a nature reserve in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

The family warned of the disappearance and claimed that the window was open.

After 10 days of search operation, in which more than 350 people participated, a volunteer located on Tuesday the naked body of the girl near a stream and about two kilometers from the hotel.

His relatives pointed in the early stages to the possibility of kidnapping as a cause of Quoirin's disappearance, with a developmental and learning disability, and physical difficulties that prevented him from moving easily.

During all this time, the Police have maintained the investigation as a case of disappearance, although without ruling out other possibilities.

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