Stock price drops in various parts of Asia Declined in NY market, August 15 12:26

In response to concerns about the future of the global economy, the stock price dropped in the New York market on the 14th and the largest decline, the selling order spread in the Asian stock market on the 15th immediately after the start of trading, The price drops across the board.

Of these, in the stock market in Shanghai, China, at 11:30 am in Japan time, the “comprehensive index” of the typical stock price index has fallen by about 0.9% compared to the closing price on the 14th.

Compared to the closing price on the 14th, other typical stock indexes in other parts of Asia have fallen by about 1.1% in Singapore and Taiwan by about 1%, and Hong Kong has also fallen slightly by about 0.2%.

According to market officials, “In response to the sharp drop in stock prices in the New York market, selling orders are spreading in Asian stock markets. Among the investors, the economic indicators announced in China and Germany have deteriorated. Concerns about the long-term trade friction between the United States and China and the resulting slowdown in the global economy are getting stronger. ”