August 15, 2019He had barricaded himself for hours in the house by shooting police officers in a town north of Philadelphia and was arrested: the police announced this. The man had slightly injured six policemen.

An entire area north of the city, that of Nicetown, where there is also a university campus, has been on alert for hours with the authorities who have invited the population to stay indoors and keep at a distance.

The terrorism episode is excluded. According to a first reconstruction, the Philadelphia narcotics officers were executing an arrest warrant in the context of an anti-drug operation in a nearby house, within which seven people would be stopped. The police were then informed that in a nearby house, the one where the man was later barricaded, there was a large amount of weapons.

The agents have thus decided to intervene for a check and it is then that the shooting began, with a man who exploded repeated blows against the agents still in the street and who tried to take cover behind the parked cars, as seen in the amateur films of some passersby transmitted by local TV stations.

For the moment the authorities have not confirmed this version of the facts, but police sources have spoken of a real ambush, an ambush. From that moment a situation of stagnation arose, and some agents who tried to break in were forced to flee even from the windows when the man started shooting again. Two policemen remained trapped in the building for a couple of hours, but were then freed by special forces agents, who also escorted four women out of the building.

US President Donald Trump received a briefing on what happened and, the White House says, closely followed the evolution of the situation.