NY Dow Average Stock Price Price Unstable Price Movement August 16 5:58

The New York Stock Market's Dow Average Stock Price, which recorded the biggest decline the previous day, ended the deal on the 15th, but once due to persistent concerns that the global economy would slow down It became unstable price movements, such as a price drop.

The closing price of the New York Stock Market's Dow average stock price on the 15th was 25,579,39 cents, 99.97 cents higher than the previous day.

The Dow average stock price, which recorded the largest $ 800 drop the day before, started on the 15th, with economic indicators released in the morning as a clue, but there was no momentum in buyback movements and a temporary decline The price became unstable.

Investors are deeply concerned about the global economic slowdown, and on this day, the movement to avoid risks continues, as funds flow into the bond market for buying and selling government bonds, which are considered safer, and long-term interest rates decline. It was.

On the other hand, in the foreign exchange market, risk-avoidance yen purchases have progressed, and the yen exchange rate has again hit the $ 105 level.

Market officials said, “Even if trade disputes between the United States and China are concerned, investors are increasingly worried about the global economic slowdown, such as announcing retaliatory measures. Stock prices will remain unstable for the time being. Is n’t it? ”