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Brenton Tarrant in front of Christchurch District Court in New Zealand. Mark Mitchell / New Zealand Herald / Pool / REUTERS.

He is supposed to be the most watched prisoner in New Zealand, and yet. The perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque attack, which left 51 dead and dozens wounded, was allowed to send hate mail from his prison cell. A letter in which he launches a call to arms. The New Zealand administration is in trouble. This letter was eventually published on the internet.

That's the signature of Brenton Tarrant. His childish writing, on the six pages published by the site 4chan, a forum well known now to be attended by white supremacists around the world.

In this letter dated July 4, the killer Christchurch tells a trip to Russia, says not to be able to expand on his political ideas, but pays tribute to, among others, the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik or Ozwald Mosley, founder of the British fascist party of the 30s, but especially, in the end, he exhorts his supporters to " fulfill their duty to their people ."

Malfunctions of the penitentiary administration

What people? What duty? The formula is rather vague but coming from it, it can be interpreted as a call to arms, a call to commit other terrorist acts. This letter should therefore have been blocked by the prison services responsible for rereading the letters to ensure that their content does not endanger anyone and does not promote criminal acts.

The prison administration has acknowledged dysfunctions and promised to strengthen controls. But this affair provokes a lot of excitement in New Zealand, especially as Brenton Tarrant was quoted by the author of the recent attack on El Paso as a source of inspiration.