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The ship "Open Arms" crosses off Lampedusa on August 15, 2019. REUTERS / Guglielmo Mangiapane

The "Open Arms" is located near the island of Lampedusa, after the decision of the Italian justice yesterday to let it enter the territorial waters, canceling the decree of prohibition taken by Matteo Salvini. But for now, no authorization to dock, the political standoff continues, while there is humanitarian emergency on board after fifteen days of waiting according to the NGO and health reports cited by the media.

The Open Arms ship arrived near Lampedusa at dawn, and since then has been on the sidelines about two kilometers from the port; he has also sheltered from the winds. Upon arrival, he was stopped by the Coast Guard and escorted by two military buildings. The NGO is waiting for an authorization to dock. Because the decision of the Administrative Court of Rome does not specify anything regarding the arrival on land.

Arm wrestling

And the political and judicial struggle of Matteo Salvini continues. After the decision of the court of Rome the head of the League, Minister of the Interior, wanted to file a new decree prohibiting the approach against the Open Arms , but the Minister of Justice, Elisabetta Trenta Five Star Movement refused to sign it. In addition, the Agrigento prosecutor's office opened a file for abuse of power at the expense of the Spanish NGO.

And the Ocean Viking?

Spain has officially declared that it will take care of part of the 147 people rescued, in the framework of discussions that are ongoing at the European level, the Elysee confirmed yesterday. Meanwhile, the Ocean Viking of SOS Mediterranean and Doctors Without Borders is still at sea with more than 350 migrants on board. He is sailing to Sicily, and he has already overtaken the islands of Malta and Lampedusa, but he will remain in international waters as long as the rescue coordination centers at sea have not indicated to him a safe port of landing.

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