China Suggestion of countermeasures against additional tariffs on rice Aug. 15 at 20:27

A government agency responsible for customs duties in China announced on the 15th that the United States has imposed additional tariffs on imported goods from China, saying that it has to take countermeasures. It seems that there is an aim to control the United States by suggesting a policy to summarize specific measures soon.

The US Trump administration plans to launch a measure to add a 10% tariff on imports of 300 billion dollars from China, divided into two stages, December 1 and next month.

Regarding this, the Customs Tax Regulation Committee, which is responsible for customs duties in China, announced the comment of the responsible person on the 15th.

Among them, the US accused of additional tariff measures, “It is against the common perception at the summit of the two countries and separates from the normal path towards solving trade problems.”

On that basis, “the necessary countermeasures must be taken”, the Chinese side suggested a policy to close and put together concrete measures such as additional tariff measures on imported goods from the United States.

China also strongly protests the additional tariffs on the US side in a telephone talk with the United States on the 13th.

Both countries are going to hold a ministerial-level telephone talk again this month, and China will have a clear intention to take countermeasures in front of it, and it seems that there is an aim to control the US side.