Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy shows that the multi-millionaire has a number of broken bones in his neck and neck. Those injuries can indicate both suspension and strangulation, writes The Washington Post on Thursday based on sources.

Epstein's tongue bone, among other things, would be broken. Forensic experts say that this is more common in elderly people who hang themselves, while other experts point out that a fractured tongue bone is much more common among victims of strangulation.

The autopsy is said to be completed on Sunday, but little is known about the exact cause of death. According to official reports, this has yet to be determined.

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Investigation into 'irregularities in detention center'

The US Department of Justice has investigated the "irregularities in the detention center" where the businessman was trapped.

Epstein was found injured in his cell weeks before his death. He would under sharpened to

have been placed, but apparently it was withdrawn. In addition, two guards who watched Epstein, according to The New York Times, worked very hard and his cellmate was transferred.

The controversial businessman was suspected of abusing dozens of underage girls. He would also have paid a girl to introduce him to others. He then abused them during 'massage sessions'.

The multi-millionaire, who became a wealth manager for billionaires, had homes in New York and Paris and a private island on the US Virgin Islands. The French public prosecutor announced on Monday to investigate whether he also carried out his abuse practices in France.


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