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The Yemeni army is inflicting heavy losses on the Houthis on several fronts


During the past two days, the fronts of fighting in Yemen witnessed a remarkable military escalation against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, concentrated on the fronts of the capital Sana'a, Sa'ada, Hajjah and Marib.

The fighting fronts in Yemen witnessed a remarkable military escalation during the past two days against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, concentrated in the fronts of the capital Sana'a, Saada, Hajjah and Marib.While the military operations of the joint Yemeni forces continued in the fronts of Al-Dhalea, the Houthi militias continued to target the positions of the Yemeni forces. Shared and residential neighborhoods on the West Coast fronts.

In detail, 36 members of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia were killed, including 10 prominent leaders, during the renewed battles between the Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab coalition, and Houthi elements, in fronts around the capital Sana'a. Northeast of Sanaa has witnessed fierce battles between the two sides, during the past two days, led to the fall of these losses among the Houthis as well as the destruction of a number of their military vehicles.

The field commanders said that the army launched retaliatory attacks against Houthi militia positions in the fronts of Niham, centered in the area of ​​Al-Houl and the area around the mountains of the century, and buried, and spread to the areas away from the Directorate of Arhab, stressing that the fighting left 36 dead, including 10 senior leaders in the ranks of the Houthis In addition, 69 others, most of them members of the Arhab district, were wounded on the front lines by militias.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi leaders who were killed, are the financial supervisor of the Houthis in the Directorate of Arhab, Yahya Mokbel Hussein al-Makroub, and the supervisor of the village of Kasbah in the people of Arhab, Sadiq Mohammed Saleh Jahham, Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed al-Hayasi (field leader), and the rule Abdullah Ahmed al-Omari (village official Omara), field commanders Alawi Ali Alawi Al-Junaid, Abdullah Mohammed Qasim Al-Buraihi, Mohammed Dahesh Hussein Ali Al-Qusair, Mohammed Hadi Ahmed Al-Maharrous, Saleh Mohammed Saleh Abu Mariam, and Mamoun Ahmed Mohsen Abu-Ja'il.

In Saada, field sources confirmed that Arab coalition fighter jets targeted militia positions and gatherings in Al-Ghoula area around Kataf Directorate, which left dozens of dead and wounded among the Houthis, in addition to the destruction of a number of their military vehicles, noting that the army was able to launch qualitative attacks yesterday, On militia positions in the vicinity of the district center.

The sources confirmed that the Yemeni army forces, supported by the coalition, now control all military operations in the Directorate of Kattaf, the largest districts of Saada, and control 90% of the territory of the Directorate, leaving only the center of the Directorate besieged from three sides, pointing out that the military operations launched by the forces The army aims to penetrate the last enemy lines in the center of the directorate, taking into account the loss of casualties among civilians who are holed up by Houthi elements.

In Hajja, military sources in the Yemeni army confirmed that the forces of the fifth military area were able to repel several attacks by the Houthi militias, targeting their positions in the east of Hiran district and the strategic area of ​​the Aham triangle.

Military sources told the Media Center of the Fifth Military Zone that repelling the attack resulted in deaths and injuries among the militia elements, and the restoration of various weapons, and that the attack focused on areas in eastern liberated Hiran and the west of the triangle, leading to the death and injury of a number of Houthi elements.

In Marib, military sources reported that the army forces of the third military area managed to thwart militia attacks towards the army positions in Sarawah and Mount Helan, and that the army forces sent reinforcements to the fronts of Wadi al-Deeq and northern Sorouh in order to counter any attempts of infiltration and attacks by the militias.

In Hudaydah, on the west coast of Yemen, Iranian Houthi militias continued their military escalation on all fronts from Hodeidah to Hays Directorate, and launched multiple attacks on joint forces positions within Hodeidah.It also targeted joint Yemeni forces positions in the southern neighborhood of Mashhad.

According to the Media Center of the Giants, the militias used various types of heavy weapons in their attacks, and the violent attacks centered on the neighborhood of Manzar and the outskirts of Hodeidah airport, stressing that the joint forces foiled those attacks and infiltration attempts that were observed, causing significant losses among the Houthis.

The sources pointed out that the militias pushed during the days of Eid, reinforcements and armed groups into the city of Hodeidah, and stationed those elements in the middle of residential neighborhoods, in mosques, schools and civil institutions, and deployed snipers on a number of roofs of buildings. Field sources also identified armed groups brought by militias to Al Hudaydah in both Al-Quds and Al-Irshad mosques in Jamal Street in Al-Hudaydah city, in addition to the presence of gunmen in a number of mosques and mosque extensions in the city.

In addition, Houthi militias resumed yesterday targeting the joint forces positions stationed in the mountainous area of ​​Al-Tahita district south of Hodeidah, using heavy and medium weapons and 120-caliber mortar shells, with 23-caliber machine guns and 14.5-caliber medium weapons.

They also continued to target a number of densely populated neighborhoods in the town of Hays, using medium weapons and snipers, wounding two children and a young man with bullets and militia shells, in a new crime committed by their elements against children and women in the West Coast areas.

Militias also continued to target positions of joint forces in the Duraimi district south of Hodeidah, using heavy artillery shells of various types of light and medium machine guns, using 120-caliber mortar shells and 82-caliber artillery shells. The forces of the security belt and the southern resistance, from thwarting the Houthi militias attempt to open a new front towards the south, by targeting locations where southern forces are stationed in the Yafi district of Lahj governorate, from their positions in al-Zaher district in al-Baid governorate E.

The sources confirmed that the security belt and the Southern Resistance forces confronted an attack launched by the Houthi militias towards Al-Sir area and other areas located in Al-Hadaf Yafi district, and forced them to retreat and flee towards Al-Zaher district in Al-Bayda and they cleared the areas of Saber, Eighth, Hashas and Rishan in the north of Yafi from their elements After reinforcements from Lahj and Aden arrived in the area.

The sources pointed out that the reinforcements were concentrated in the areas that witnessed Houthi skirmishes, and that life and calm returned to those areas after foiling two attempts of attack and defeat of the enemy losses.

In al-Dhale'e, the Yemeni joint forces, supported by the security belt and southern resistance forces, continued their military operations against the Houthi militias in the Bab al-Qafla-Bab al-Qalqah fronts of the Qataba district and Hajar-Beja front in the north and west of al-Dhala, according to field sources, indicating fierce fighting in those fronts. Sides.

The sources pointed out that the militias suffered heavy losses in the battles on those fronts, and was repulsed a number of creeps and attacks by the militias, which was the most violent in the front of the punch Doki front Hajar.

Arab coalition fighter jets targeted militia positions and gatherings in Al-Ghoula area in the vicinity of Kattaf Directorate in Saada.

Source: emara

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