The reigning champion defended the SM title

Once again it was SM gold for Tobias Ludvigsson from Huskvarna. The world tour cyclist and the reigning Swedish champion in tempo defended the championship title and won the SM in tempo that was decided around Lekeryd, outside Jönköping, on Wednesday.

Jönköping CK was the organizer of the SM in tempo. And Tobias Ludvigsson, together with his brother Fredrik, has developed the 15 kilometer long track.

When Ludvigsson competes at home in Sweden, he represents Huskvarna-Vätterstad Racing, HVR16, which he himself was co-founded and founded. He won the SM Temple race in 38 minutes and 17.56 seconds, a full 1 minute and 41 seconds before the second in the race.

Women's gold in the tempo class was won by triathlete Lisa Nordén from Kristianstad, competitor of HiQ sports club. She won on time 44 minutes and 18.75 seconds.

ref: svt