“The girl’s mother with a lawyer came to me, said she wants to pick up the girl, and demanded to pay them tickets to Moscow,” RIA Novosti quotes Chakhkieva.

The Ombudsman emphasized that she did not intend to fulfill the woman’s request.

“If at the very beginning, when all this had happened, she would have addressed, said:“ Behold, I am a mother. The child was taken from me by force, ”there would be a conversation. And now the topic is already closed, where has it been before? ”She explained.

Chakhkieva also said that the girl’s mother and her lawyer began to threaten her, so this was the end of their conversation.

Earlier, doctors at the Roshal Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology amputated a dead part of her right arm, including a wrist and forearm, from a girl from Ingushetia.

On August 5, it became known that Zarema Chakhkieva became the temporary legal representative of Aisha Azhigova.

The girl was taken to a hospital in Ingushetia on July 4 with multiple bodily injuries. The Investigative Committee is investigating the criminal case.

Details are in the material RT.