Berlin (dpa) - Care of parents should not make poor - it is said by the Federal Government on the occasion of their new bill to relieve relatives. He was presented by Social Affairs Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), and the Federal Cabinet gave the green light.

An overview of the situation today and the plans:

How should children be relieved of those in need of care?

If a father or mother comes home, pension, the benefits of long-term care insurance and their own wealth but not enough, then the social assistance with the "help to care". But often the welfare office then asks the children to pay to get back a part of the cost. In the future this will mostly be dropped: Anyone earning less than 100,000 euros gross per year should be spared.

What do relatives have to pay so far?

That is very different. Often, the offices generally shy away from such demands, because elaborate procedures and income tests are necessary. Basically, the person concerned is entitled to a deductible of at least 1800 euros. Of the income above, half of the income must generally be used for maintenance - for example, € 3,000 for income of € 600.

Why are relapses for relatives often stressful?

Often it takes years from the announcement of an exam to a decision. Then it can also come to high recoveries. In addition, it is often the first time that the children of those in need of care ever have to deal with social services and disclose their income.

For how many people does the participation no longer apply?

That's hard to say because there is no current meaningful statistics. The bill speaks of about 55,000 people. Affected are only the respective daughters and sons of those in need of care, the deciding factor is their own income. The income of spouses, for example, does not matter.

What are the own shares for a home today?

They range from 1200 euros per home location in Saxony-Anhalt over 1800 euros in Berlin, Bremen and Hesse, which are in the national average, to 2100 euros in Baden-Württemberg and 2300 euros in North Rhine-Westphalia. It includes costs for care, accommodation, meals and investments in the facilities.

How many people in need of care depend on social assistance?

Around 300,000. Care assistance received 287,000 people as of December 31, 2017, of which 233,000 were in homes. The number of applicants within one year is significantly higher. The board of the German Foundation for Patients' Protection, Eugen Brysch, therefore criticizes the fact that the real scandal is that hundreds of thousands of people in need of care are ever dependent on social services. "The only thing that needs to be protected is the tiny amount of relatives who have to reimburse a part of the costs." Because of the deductible already in force, these are better off earners.

Who else should be relieved by the law?

Liable parents of adult disabled children who receive this integration assistance. The previous share of € 34.44 a month, which parents have to pay for, should be completely canceled. For assistance to the livelihood, the amount due is 26.49 euros per month. Parents of adult disabled children in boarding schools are no longer used for their livelihood. In addition, the training of people with disabilities should be better promoted. Around 220,000 people should benefit from these regulations, even if the sums here are lower in the bottom line.