Rome (AP) - For dozens of migrants aboard the rescue vessel "Open Arms", there is still no end in sight for the hanging area in the Mediterranean.

After a family with a baby was brought to Italy late Tuesday evening, waiting for a safe haven for 147 people continued on Wednesday. The Spanish organization Proactiva Open Arms had rescued 121 people in the Mediterranean nearly two weeks ago and added another 39 on Saturday. The ship lingers in international waters near the Italian island of Lampedusa. According to the Maritime Savior should raise bad weather on Wednesday.

The two nearest European countries - Italy and Malta - repeatedly refuse rescue ships the entrance to their ports. They demand that other EU states give advance confirmation of the admission of migrants. At present, the "Ocean Viking" of the aid organizations SOS Méditerranée and MSF is searching for a port with 356 rescued migrants on board. The ship was on Wednesday morning south between Lampedusa and Malta.