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In preparation for the safe area .. Turkish drones flying in northern Syria


The Turkish Defense Ministry announced today the start of flights of drones in northern Syria, days after Ankara and Washington reached an agreement on the establishment of the safe zone in northeast Syria, to meet the security requirements of Turkey.

"Efforts are continuing to activate the planned joint operations center in ولايةanlıurfa (southern Turkey) within the framework of the planned safe area in northern Syria in coordination with the United States," a Turkish Defense Ministry statement said.

The proposed safe zone aims to secure a land sector stretching more than 400 kilometers along Syria's northeastern border with Turkey. The US-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) control most of the sector.

Ankara considers the YPG to be a terrorist security force and has asked the United States to cut ties.

Coordination Center
A US delegation arrived two days ago in the border state of ليanlıurfa with Syria to start work on a joint operations center to coordinate the establishment of the safe zone. .

Six days ago, a Pentagon spokesman told Al Jazeera that Washington's security mechanism with Ankara would be implemented in phases. Al Jazeera correspondent reported that the two sides agreed on three points regarding the safe area in northern Syria: a peace corridor, a joint operating room, Turkey's security concerns on its southern border.

The Turkish-American agreement also includes measures to ensure the return of displaced Syrians to their country.

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Space and control
After military talks between Turkey and the United States, they agreed to establish a joint operations center to establish a safe area in northern Syria, but did not announce that the two countries agreed on the main details of this region, including its area, and the party that will lead the joint forces in the region.

Washington has proposed a safe zone - a five-kilometer demilitarized zone reinforced by an additional, nine-kilometer heavy weapon-free zone - making the full extent of the area inside Syria less than half of what Turkey wanted.

Turkey has also asked for absolute authority over the region, another disagreement with the United States.

Following the announcement of the agreement between Turkey and the United States to establish a safe area in northern Syria, the Syrian Foreign Ministry expressed its categorical rejection of this agreement, describing it as an aggressive project.

Source: aljazeera

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