I thought about how to make the office more comfortable August 14th 19:30

In August, the summer is at its peak. Some people leave work and go back to their homes and resorts, while others return to work and work hard at the office and worksite. There are as many ways of working as there are jobs. In charge of economic news at NHK, we have recently been interviewing various offices on the theme of “new ways of working”. I want to create a more comfortable and enjoyable environment because the working people spend most of their day in the office. We introduce a lot of such efforts with videos.

About Painter x IT Company

A professional painter runs a paintbrush in a quiet office. Next to the engineer who works silently, the painter just draws a picture. There is such a strange office in Tokyo. What will be born from that?
(Department of Economic Affairs, Daisuke Nogami)

Do you need a phone call anymore?

If you have a phone and a computer, you can work. Is there anything that is expressed like that? But you don't even need a phone call. It seems that such an office is becoming a trend. Still, some people say they are worried about not having a phone call. What do you think?
(Ministry of Economic Affairs, Satomi Mogi)

If you have a lover, you refuse

“Transfer” is a fate for people working in Japanese companies. Many people may be worried. Speaking of that, when I was younger, I was transferred to a long-distance romance and parted with boyfriend and girlfriend ... (distant eyes) and those who were not. One company has a unique approach to relocation.
(Director Yuichiro Okawa, Fukui Broadcasting Station)

Office becomes more fun

Even if the work style reforms are not overstated, each workplace may be easier to work with than a little ingenuity. We feel that way. The way of working in the future will be much more comfortable than now. How is your workplace?