Hong Kong airport resumed continuation of confusion due to call for protests again August 12:04

In Hong Kong, due to protests at the airport, boarding procedures continued to be impossible, but operations resumed from the morning of the 14th. The Hong Kong government is showing a strong refuge in the violent acts of some young people and taking strict measures, but the protests at the airport are still being called on the SNS, and confusion may continue. It is expected.

In Hong Kong, boarding procedures can be carried out on the 13th due to protests in the airport by people who are against the government and police over a draft amendment to the ordinance that allows the suspects to be handed over to mainland China However, operation resumed from the morning of the 14th.

However, more than 100 flights to / from Hong Kong have been canceled on the 14th due to the effects of the aircraft.

On the night of the 13th at the airport, some young people were injured by surrounding and scolding a man who appeared to have come from mainland China and a media reporter from the Chinese Communist Party.

In response, the Hong Kong government made a statement and strongly accused the business of the airport, which has had a serious impact on users and that violent behavior has become even worse and beyond the line. Above, he showed a stance to deal strictly with illegal activities.

Also, according to Hong Kong International Airport, there is a possibility of embarking on the exclusion of young people because the court issued a temporary order prohibiting protests at the airport.

On the other hand, SNS calls for continued protests at the airport, and confusion at the airport is expected to continue.

US President “I hope to converge”

US President Trump told reporters about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong: “Hong Kong ’s situation is imminent, but we hope it will converge. I would like all of the parties involved to make a peaceful resolution without causing casualties and injuries. ”

On the other hand, Secretary of State Pompeio held a meeting in New York with a member of the Political Affairs Bureau, who oversees diplomacy in China, and reportedly shared his position on the ongoing turmoil in Hong Kong.

Also, the US State Department told NHK's interview on the 12th that "A joint statement between China and the UK that allowed Hong Kong to exercise a high degree of autonomy, and asks China to comply with basic laws." “We seek self-control in all parties, but we are asking the Hong Kong government to respect freedom of speech and assembly, saying that there is no fluctuation in freedom of expression and support for peaceful assembly in Hong Kong”.

The positions and claims of the United States and China over the situation in Hong Kong are different, which may lead to new issues in addition to intensifying trade friction in the future.

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