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Hong Kong airport protest participants drastically reduced Impact of court ban order | NHK News


Protests continued at Hong Kong's international airport in response to a court order that banned acts that would interfere with passengers at the airport premises.

Hong Kong Airport Protest participants drastically reduced Impact of ban on court

The protests that continued at Hong Kong's international airport were more prominent than the 13th because the court issued an order to prohibit acts that would interfere with passengers at the airport. There has been a significant reduction, and the confusion at the airport has been subsided.

In Hong Kong, citizens against the government and police protest at the international airport over amendments to the ordinance that will allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China, and many flights will be canceled until 13th Confusion continued.

Under these circumstances, the court in Hong Kong issued an order prohibiting protests that would interfere with passengers at the airport on the morning of the 14th, and it is necessary to present boarding tickets and passports at the entrance of the departure lobby. Measures not to be taken are taken.

As a result, with the exception of some remaining demonstrators, the number of participants in airport protests has dropped significantly. Over 110 flights were canceled on the 14th due to aircraft and other factors, but the boarding procedures were relatively smooth, and the confusion at the airport has temporarily subsided. .

An English man who visited the airport said, “It was originally a Monday flight, but it was influenced by protests. I'm happy to finally be able to return home.” However, the appeal of protests continues on the SNS, and on the 13th, many young people gathered after the evening, and some clashes with the police occurred, so will the protests at the airport converge? Is an unpredictable situation.

People's Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, “advanced self-government” is recognized under the system of two countries, but the Chinese government is responsible for diplomacy and defense, and the PLA is stationed.

The troops are said to be organized by a total of 6000 soldiers from the land, sea and air forces dispatched by the Chinese government.

Article 14 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, which is the constitution of Hong Kong, stipulates that the PLA does not interfere with the Hong Kong government, while the Hong Kong government can request the Chinese government to dispatch the PLA if necessary to maintain security. It is prescribed.

The Chinese government said that the Hong Kong police and others should respond strictly to a series of protests, but also mentioned the possibility of intervention as `` If the Hong Kong government can not suppress the turbulence, the Chinese government will not sit down '' The

Also, in the midst of intense protests, the PLA's troops stationed in Hong Kong released a training video on March 31 assuming a demonstration.

In addition, the media of the Chinese Communist Party also released a video this week that armed police under the command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army are gathering in Guangdong Province * Shenzhen adjacent to Hong Kong for large-scale training. .

The background of the release of these videos suggests the possibility of interventions such as the PLA, and is expected to strongly constrain the further spread of protests in Hong Kong.

※ Sen is a river

Source: nhk

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