The ministerial round of the big coalition has passed the Relief Relief Act, which is intended to provide financial relief to the children of parents in need of care. After the pending approval by the Bundestag, it will then be regulated that children of parents in need of care will only have to pay up to an annual income of EUR 100,000 for care costs if their parents do not have their own assets.

This discharge was "long overdue," Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil had advertised in the newspapers of the Funke-Mediengruppe for his draft. "So far it has happened that children were asked to pay in addition to their personal burdens." With the Relatives Relief Act we are changing that, "the SPD politician is quoted as saying. The majority of relatives do not need to repay money to the state in the future.

Municipalities insist on the solidarity principle of the social assistance law

The VdK Social Union welcomed the law because it helps the elderly out of a difficult situation, as President Verena Bentele also explained in the spark newspapers: "They do not go home, even though they can no longer be cared for at home so that their children not be charged. "

The municipalities, however, fear burdens worth billions and insist on the solidarity principle of the social assistance law. Gerd Landsberg, the chief executive of the city council, told the newspaper group: "It is fundamentally reasonable for children and parents to stand up for one another, and this should not be shaken." Minister Heil should not undermine the solidarity principle of the social assistance law.

This in turn sees the law also improves the situation of people with disabilities. "We will fund complementary and independent participation advice permanently and with more money in the future," he announced, adding, "In addition, we help people with disabilities to get in-company training through the new training budget."