• Investidura.Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid with the votes of PP, Citizens and Vox
  • More Madrid.Errejón questions Ayuso's ability and she accuses him: his hands are "stained with dictatorship"
  • PSOE.Gabilondo places Ayuso "beyond the right" and accuses her of promoting economic "supremacism"

The investiture session of Isabel Díaz Ayuso was also the first assault of the battle for the moral leadership of the opposition, from the left. Íñigo Errejón was willing to be invested as the maximum rival of the new government of PP and Citizens, given the lack of strength of an Angel Gabilondo (PSOE) who in his party they see already outside the Assembly and who refuses from the parliamentary clash .

Although the socialist used a harder and more incisive tone than usual, even accusing Ayuso of being "beyond" the right, the truth is that the great clash was that of the already president and Errejón, who were locked in a crossover of accusations that, at times, lowered the staff from the political arena

Ayuso accused Errejón of having his hands "stained with the bloodthirsty dictatorship" of Venezuela and defined him as "the most traitorous character in politics in Spain ." For his part, the leader of Más Madrid, who has been saying that Ayuso is "a candidate under suspicion" for possible corrupt irregularities, disabled her for "not enduring a 15-minute debate" or for reading with hesitation what -he said- they had prepared

"Two alternatives": right or Errejón

The encounter was such that, at the end of the Plenary session, the deputy of More Madrid Eduardo Fernández Rubiño said that there are only "two alternatives" in the Community, that of the right and that of Íñigo Errejón: "More Madrid embodies the opposition in a solid way and perfectly defined and has led the debate and opposition "with a" spectacular "speech.

Fuentes de Más Madrid stress that it was Ayuso who hung the cartel of leader of the opposition to Errejón by attacking him in such an ostentatious way and placing him publicly as his great rival in the region. In fact, they blame that Gabilondo raised his usual moderate tone against the leader of the PP so as not to lose a large part of the focus.

In fact, in the PP they prepared the debate with an eye on Errejón, to stage that the "alternative" to Ayuso is "the radical left" that would have ruled alongside the PSOE in case they had joined the majority, according to sources close to The new popular baroness.

"I don't love him so much"

Not surprisingly, the already president of the Community of Madrid harassed the leader of More Madrid but took more care of his words towards the socialist leader, who got rid of personal praise to the point that he had to ask him to "not love him so much "because" a group therapy has not come ", but to confront their economic and social models.

Although he was aware that Más Madrid was seeking to take away the opposition's leadership, Gabilondo directed his criticisms of Citizens more. The former socialist minister affected Ignacio Aguado who has gone from a "supposed centrism" to support a "conservative" and non-liberal government, having "seasoned" his political position "with the contributions of Vox" and having refused "any conversation "with the PSOE.

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Politics Errejón questions Ayuso's ability and she accuses him: his hands are "stained with dictatorship"

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Politics Gabilondo places Ayuso "beyond the right" and accuses her of promoting economic "supremacism"