Genoa (AP) - At a memorial service in Genoa today, the 43 victims of the bridge collapse one year ago thought. On August 14, 2018, the Morandi Bridge collapsed. Numerous vehicles and their occupants crashed into the depths.

The remains of the old bridge are now demolished. It is still unclear what exactly led to the tragedy.

A new bridge is being built and should be ready by mid-April. The building is managed by star architect Renzo Piano, who originally comes from Genoa.

The memorial ceremony, which will also celebrate a service, takes place near the first pier of the new bridge. In addition to numerous relatives of the victims, President Sergio Mattarella and government officials from Rome are expected.

Pope Francis had encouraged the citizens of Genoa shortly before the anniversary courage. "Do not lose your hope, do not let them rob you!" Wrote the Catholic head of the church in a letter published on Tuesday in the local paper "Il Secolo XIX". In it he described the collapse of the Morandi Bridge as a "disaster that could have been prevented".

Information about the commemoration ceremony