San Francisco (AP) - Following accusations of sexual assault against Spanish opera star Plácido Domingo (78), US cultural institutions are beginning to see consequences. The San Francisco Opera canceled a concert scheduled for October 6 with Domingo. The Philadelphia Orchestra withdrew the invitation to the opening concert on September 18th. Domingo had rejected the allegations.

"The allegations made by these unnamed individuals, up to thirty years ago, are deeply disturbing and, as they are presented, inaccurate," he said. According to a report of the news agency AP, several singers and a dancer Domingo have accused of sexual assault. The women reported hugs, kisses on their mouths, nocturnal phone calls and Domingo's pushing for private meetings.

The San Francisco Opera referred to their strict policy on combating sexual harassment. The House attaches great importance to "creating a safe and secure environment in which everyone can focus on their work and their art and be treated with respect, dignity and collegiality in their colleagues," a statement said Tuesday evening. The Philadelphia Orchestra, led by Canadian conductor Yannick Nézét-Séguin, voiced something similar. The opera in Los Angeles, whose general director is Plácido Domingo, has announced its own investigations.

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