Dusseldorf (AP) - Presidential candidate Ute Groth hopes before the meeting of the DFB ethics committee on a tougher sanctioning of Schalke's supervisory board chairman Clemens Tönnies.

"That's too little for me with three months of self-imposed time-out. There must be a clear signal as far as racism is concerned, otherwise we will never let go of the subject, "said the 60-year-old from the German Press Agency.

The three-man DFB ethics committee deals on Thursday with the racist criticized statements by Tönnies about Africans. The honorary council of FC Schalke 04 had Tönnies in agreement with the club boss ordered a break of three months. "I think that was a very friendly judgment made by the Schalker Ehrenrat. The statement by Tönnies must have consequences, "demanded Groth.

The DFB Ethics Committee can not make its own judgment. However, it can bring charges in the jurisdiction of the German Football Association. Tonnies had turned in a public appearance against tax increases in the fight against climate change. Instead, one should rather finance 20 power plants a year in Africa. "Then the Africans would stop cutting down trees and they will stop producing children when it's dark."

Groth is chairman of the mass sports club DJK TuSA 06 Dusseldorf. She runs with her unsolicited application for the post as DFB President, but has no support from the Association and thus no chance to be elected on 27 September at the DFB-Bundestag.

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